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DIY Cozy Winter Decor|Collab w/ TheCatMelon & LizQueenLila

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Hi everybody, I'm Mika and I have a confession to make! I hadn't always been a X'mas person 🙁 there it is I said it, it's out there! you know how people say you get the holiday blues? well I used to get those blues, every year and sometimes two or three months prior to the holidays.

Idk it may be due to the fact that I live in a very warm place, and it desn't get cold outside and now it's late November and I'm still in a t-shirt, don't be fooled by the beanie, I only wear it because I like it! that was until a few years ago when I decidedthat needed to change and I have been trying to find ways to get myself intothe winter spirit, into the holiday spirit! and one, is by making my place a bit more cozy winter friendly and today I'll be showing you a few diy ideas that you can achieve that too! plus this is an extra special video because it's acollaboration with two of my best friends here on youtube, Liz and Karmela! they are both amazing people and I love their videos Liz is a hair dresser-makeup artist, and she does videos about beauty about hair, about food, I mean you name it! and Karmela, she's from Canada she has blue mermaid hair, and for those of you who don't know from my instagram, blue is a color I adore!! she does fashion and hauls and designer bag reviews and DIYs as well! her style is wearable yet, a bit torwards the gothic side with a bit of an edge! idk so we all have joined forces this time to make some DIYs for you , cosy and winter friendly, and are going to makeyou a bit more exited for the holidays Liz is making DIY drinks and Karmela is making a sweater!and this is the video for the decor part! so let's go! the first diy we will be doing todayis the flame-less fire pit! I'm sure many of you must have seen these aroundthe interwebs the original pin suggests to make your own brunches using lace ribbon and Mod Podge and I'll have the link for it down below for those who want tocheck it out however this is a much simpler versionso the only supplies this requires are some rocks branches a piece of stringand some fairy lights I just think it's a very cool way to decorate a ratherboring corner of the house especially if you're having a camp theme party your little ones will love it! use the twine to secure the branchesand that's basically it! and as an added bonus you're not risking burning thingsdown! our next DIY is a jar candleholder because no cozy atmosphere can be complete without candle lights for this you will need a jar, preferably a straight one, a few thin branches, you can useit as an excuse to go hiking – just sayin' spray adhesive, wood adhesive, rock salt – which is optional some twine, hot glue, pliers to trim the branches, no need toruin your scissors and this decorative sod which is also optional.

the instructions are prettystraight forward pick the branches you like and glue them on the jar.

the hot glue though will only take you so far, because it won't hold forever we're only usingit because it dries fast and we have better things to do but we are going toenforce the bond with some wood adhesive or 6,000 and let that dry altogetherovernight no need to apply it everywhere, just on the places where the branchesare touching now let's make a quick little devised tohelp us light up the tea light without burning your fingers all we're going to use is some wire, pliers and the tea-light.

wrap your wire around thetea-light to make a loop, that's where you'll be placing the candle and at theother end of the wire crate a little swirl to cover the sharp end I think it looks pretty cool as it is,but I am going to add this decorated moss to give it a more whimsical forestaesthetic keeping it very natural-looking with this burlap twine and to take it a step further, let's add some snow! yayyy! our last DIY is no other than theultimate coziness a pillow out of an old button-up! we're going to need a pillow, abutton up and your basic sewing kit feel free to use fabric glue though step number 1: turn the shirt inside out while the buttons are closed and put the pillow inside, see the bum there? that's it! decide where you want theopening to be and start gathering the fabric on all four sides, while securingwith pins make sure the pin line is at the the same level all around the pillow now cut it out leaving at least half aninch seam allowance put the good sides together, no need to leave an opening because we're using the actual opening of the shirt for that.

after you're done sewing, cut the extra don't forget to cut the corners at an ankle so it folds better and turn it inside out.

old knit sweaters can also be used to makereally fluffy and cozy pillows add a fluffy blanket, make yourself a hot beverage puton your comfiest sweater and a super cozy night-in is cozy United is complete so I hope you like thses DIYs, let me know in a comment down below which one was your favourite and if you have any ideas for the holidays, and idk just let me know in a comment what was the video you saw, before you clicked on this one, that would be awesome to know! Liz's and Karmela's videos will be linked in the description down below as well as in annotations here, that you can click right from this video box! if you recreate any of the DIys share it with me by using the #sailordiy and add me on instagram and twitter @mikasailor & ''mika chan sailor'' on facebook/pinterest whenever you guys share one of your creations with me, you can't imagine how happy you make me, this is like the best feeling ever! yea, if you like this one, just give it a thumbs up and and stay subscribed because I won't say much, but a giveaway might be coming soon.


hank you all so much for watching and I'll see you very very soon! XX.