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DIY Christmas Room Decor! Easy Decorations For The Holidays! 2016

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Hello everyone! How is it going? Outside the showcases stores and in every corner of the city is already feel the air of festivity, in fact just a few weeks at Christmas.

Then it's time to decorate the room but do not want the usual colorful decorations that are not well for your room or are not your style.

However the unique pieces of decoration you like the most cost a lot so I decided to do this tutorial with material that we have in our house.

This make festive and cozy room but still a minimal look.

What is needed for this tutorial are: sheets of A4 paper, school glue, white thread, pencil, cardboard, scissors, thin brush.

What we're going to make is a garland to hang on your wall or you can use the ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree.

We will make three elements: two ornaments and a string of stars, this DIY is very easy to accomplish in a couple of hours.

But given that the Christmas spirit is to share and be with the one you love you can benefit this opportunity to be in the company of your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or your family members so the time of realization of the garland is obviously halve.

First we have to create the ornament pattern that we want.

I did freehand all the elements of the garland but you can download shapes ornaments that you like from the internet images.

For the realization of an ornament serves a sheet of paper cut into four pieces and then fold together in half.

then trace above with pencil following the pattern.

after cutting out put together three pieces folded , applied the glue, put the white thread as I show in the tutorial and then glued the fourth part and here the first ornament is made.

Same procedure is done for the second ornament that in apparence looks the same but in reality, is more rounded and squashed.

For the stars after t cut out following the pattern , fold in half and then I do the same as I did for ornaments.

I take three pieces folded glue together not forgetting to use a long string enough to contain 3 stars.

once finished there is nothing left to do but to assemble the garland leaving a space between an ornament and the other.

If you want to keep them fixed in place then applied some glue.

I hope you have fun and enjoy the company of your loved ones because what you have create is a magical atmosphere.

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I conclude the tutorial with wishes of a nice day for everyone! See you soon Bye Bye ^^.