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DIY Christmas Room Decor Candy Cane Vase & Glitter Text 2016 SUB ITA DIY NATALIZI FACILI

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OK let's start with the first DIY which will be a jar of candy cane you need a pot that I've taken from micheals but you can take anywhere cvogliate and then a spray dye i took red but you can take anything you want blue silver gold color and then of course you need the candy cane but reeewind I do not do what I did because in doing so I broke all hehe sticks then you need hot glue incollre for the bastonicini to vasso First step is to paint the vase as you can see I'm not using gloves terrible idea buy gloves because my hands have become super red and remove the painting was a challenge after 10 minutes the first layer has dried and as you see I'm trying to put the second layer without touching the jar heheh because honestly remove the color from my hands it was hard third step is to attack the sticks to the vase with hot glue It is a simple DIY SUper but it is super cute and then i suggest it is that your AVEE done with your hands + and you can do it in the company comne you see I'm putting the glue and sticking sticks I advise you to be very careful with the sticks you have no idea how many I've broken it What's not too tragic because broken ones I ate them ahaha but I went into the store three times to buy more ahhah as you see I'm appliccando the same procedure for all the sticks and when I finished with poles take a tape as you see I had a lot of choice and I scleto the red glitter.

and with this I made a bow around the pot and then I put the flowers and diy is made as you see it was super easy diy next will be the glittery letters I do not know what happened to the clips in which I showed you everything you needed Oh well I tell you to voice hehe you need the letters that are fattte of hard cardboard (also fine wood) then the dye spray I used the red one to stay on the subject and then you need the glitter as you can see for this diy I have been smarter, and I went down to buy hehe gloves as you see are improved and I bought the gloves ehehe Here I am spraying the second layer of color It does not have to be perfect because we will do another layer This will be the first this is the reason why I think it's a super diy fun to do with your little brothers or sisters sons I chose the word joy because I love the word joy (goia or happiness) and native good was a little too long ehehe or you can do this with leiniziali of your boyfriend or girlfriend you have to wait at least 1 or 2 Oretta before making the last step sprayed the last coat of color and when it is still wet sprinkle the glitter over there so that you will attack is too fun to do, try to believe heeh as you see it was super easy but I like it a lot I hope you enjoyed these two diy let me know if you want to see more here on my channel 🙂 and we'll see you at the next ciaoo!.