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Heeey guys! Wanna know how I made this cutenecklace holder? Then keep on watching! So I decided to use DVDs instead of CDs becauseI like their color a little bit better.

Next I started cutting individual triangles outof the DVD.

These DVD pieces have two layers so I separated them and discarded the plasticpart.

Because I only wanna use the really shiny part underneath.

So next I just cutthose triangles into a bunch of random little pieces.

Then Itook a pice of cardboard andtraced my letters out one at a time and cut them out.

And I just used a box cutter tocut out the center of the O.

Next I just grabbed some acrylic paint and painted the letters black.

I took someglue and glued the DVD pieces onto each letter.

And I found that it was easier to glue onthe larger pieces first and then go back and add the smaller ones.

After that I just gluedthe letters onto each other.

And I kind of overlapped them.

And if you're worried, youcan use a stronger glue than I did.

But I just decided to use hot glue.

Now you'll needsomething to hang your necklaces on.

So I just used these screws that I had lying around,but you can use anything you like – bottle corks, old dresser drawer knobs, the choiceis yours! Now you're ready to hang it on the wall and enjoy it.