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DIY Boho Room Decor | Natasha Rose ☾

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(music) Hi guys! So today I'm going to show you how to make some DIY bohemian sort of themed room decor.

All of the things you need you can find at any craft store or dollar store Thats where i found all of my stuff So yeah- I hope you like it! Lets get started! So you will need a wig head- you can find these at most craft stores.

and some paint so this wig head that I'm using was ruined by some spraypaint, but it doesn't matter because I'm just going to cover that anyway.

You will want to mark out where you want to cut the hole for the plant So I'm doing this towards the back of the head- imagine kind of where the brain would be? (this is why I'm not a brain surgeon guys) So just cut away at it- I found that a serated knife was the best tool for this and make sure its deep enough to fit a plant Next take some flattened pieces of clay and spread them on It doesn't have to be too thick, but just enough that the wig head with be a little bit heavier and able to stand up easily on its own and i also added more clay towards the bottom so that it wouldn't be top heavy I also decided to add these little swirly designs to the top and i didnt worry about putting any clay on the inside next i went and painted it a terracotta colour I did several coats of this orange colour, and then did a pale wash of white to get a "dustier" look on top Once that was done i just put a plant in You want to choose a plant that doesn't need alot of water, (like i chose a spider plant), just because we dont have drainage holes in this but you COULD add drainage holes if you want to plant flowers inside.

and you're done! for this one you will need nailpolishes, a white plate, a skewer and some water.

so i just put the water in this tray and then I poured the nail polishes on top of the water and they created a film on top, which I could stir around to create a pattern.

And then I dipped the plate in you can do as many colours and layers as you want and if you mess up, simply remove with nail polish remover, and start again! once i was happy with the design, i then took a paint marker (or you could use white paint and a paint brush) and I just freehanded a bunch of designs and then its done! Im just using it as a ring dish, so I didnt feel the need to varnish it or anything, but you can totally do that if you want and for this one you will also need clay,.