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Decorating Tips- Decorating My Girls Shared Room on a Budget

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Hello, welcome back! I'm excited to show my daughters room, It became something of a whim, I complained that they were up, in a room really very small, and always fighting for not having space, and as saying: "I are spying Do not leave me alone!" and I said "We need a room for them"; and Joe said: "Get in the car, we go to Ikea!" And so, with a few things from Ikea transform basically a room in two and show you how we did it for little money.

Here we go! Here the room.

It used to be the room of toys, down here, but it was such a huge space I found the perfect place to turn in two rooms for the girls.

Originally we talk about building a wall, but this was a great and inexpensive alternative.

This is an Ikea shelf, we turn to the sides, and somehow it was more.

solid just add these very cheap Ikea cubes in the bottom, and then the drawers and doors here.

The doors are one on each side, because that's how they, and every girl's shares.

And then we put some pictures and different things up We did some tricks to make the room look more like a bedroom and less like a basement.

One of those tricks was that, obviously, one of the windows was off center.

This window is shifted to here, and this window is more over there.

and of course we wanted to focus the beds under the windows, but it was impossible.

Because we had to put them against the closet and they could have used.

Then simply we hang the curtain rail more over there, to.

this side is on the wall, and this side is really about the window, and it makes the window look larger than it really is standing, and we did the same but reversed to that window.

And so it is even, and gives symmetry to the room.

The theme is Paris, obviously.

Go to a French school, he loves Paris, but I did not want to spend a lot of money on things Paris.

This is a cushion that I found very cheap, and I hit him with the iron a picture of Paris I found on Google Images.

The walls were already of this color, I'm very lazy, I did not want to paint, and just add black and white and it's.

it idiot proof, but when you use black and white and color more you can not help it look good, because you can not be mistaken to him, no matter what you buy, all combined.

These are very inexpensive curtains of $ 9 we use for windows and then I bought more and cut in half to give a touch of color here under the bed.

She calls this.

we remove the lower berth I did a garret for her.

She calls him her secret library.

It's like a secret library the eldest of my daughters.

And we made this poster with tape slate and he says in French that is his secret library.

She loves it, And another piece of material curtains I placed only on the bed Abby so that everything combined.

This is Isabel's room and calls it, It is the largest, It has a small desk for homework here, and only a few touches of Paris, there are accessories, close the curtains, and some photographs, this was very economical, because I hung using 3M velcro tape, because I like.

The photos often twisted, and so must accommodate sofocientos million times, so that they are right.

Therefore I love the set of hanging pictures with Velcro 3M, because you can do things like that.

This is a shelf, Always they are fighting over who would get the dressing mirror, so we left it in the middle of the room.

They can share it.

And Abby table here, I wanted to buy a spider, but they are very expensive, so we transform an old spider, and in another video I will show you how we did it, in this beautiful wall lamp.

In short, this room is super economical, print photos to frames that we had, Paris pictures Google Images, This was fantastic, as found on Google Images the colors of the room.

And here are some more.

All in photo frames that we had.

These great lyrics of Michael's, hanging with 3M hooks.

Then, curtains $ 9, and of course, the biggest expense It was the divider used for the center of the room.

But that is all it is a simple and obvious shared room.

I love.

They like both, and not look like a room in the basement.

It seems.

A beautiful room for girls to share! If you have any questions, let me know.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Leave your comment-and see you next time!.