Home Bedroom Decor Decorating ideas on how to choose an area rug for your home. Learn how to start a home project

Decorating ideas on how to choose an area rug for your home. Learn how to start a home project

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Hey there you’re watching Amitha Verma! Do you ever feel overwhelmed and wonder whereto start when you’re facing your design projects? I used to feel the very same way.

So Today, I want to a share one of my insider tips on how exactly how I would overcome thatoverwhelm on all of my projects.

Whenever I was working with my design clienteleor even in my own home and especially on a brand new space, there’s one piece thatcan truly capture the essence of the design.

Are you ready for it – I would start withthe rug! I know this sounds so counter-intuitive, buthonestly this is one of the very best ways to hone in on how to approach the project.

When I start a design project, I usually start with my rug selection for a few reasons.

Whenyou start going through rugs, you’ll see you will really respond to certain patterns,certain colors, color combinations, design motifs and all of these factors will reallydrive your design decisions.

By selecting a rug, you will start to reveala little or a lot of your personality and how you want your room to turn out.

It’smuch easier to see the “end result” with the rug design over the fabric selections.

Can you see how a room with this rug mightturn out compared to this room? Once I narrow down the options from modern,transitional, traditional, oushak, wool, silk and so forth I then start to pull in my relatedfabrics and then – here’s the trick – tie them back into my rug design for a very cohesivewell designed style! So how do you know which rug to select? Honestly, I would go with what you love.

That’swhat I would do with my customers and in my home.

You know what you love, if it’s red& blue and the trend is gray – go with what you love!! The rug really helps you identify your ownstyle.

I did and still do this very exercise in my home and all of my design work.

It’sjust my own little system I created to help overcome project overwhelm! Now I bet you’re wondering what size toget? Whenever I’m working on a room I love forall of my furniture to touch the rug so I let that help me figure out the right dimensionsfor my room.

Generally, most of my rugs take up a large area in the room,but you if you measure around your furniture you’ll get a good idea of the general sizeyou need So for example in a bedroom the minimum Imight use is a 9 x 12 or 10 x 13 because I love hopping out of bed onto a cozy rug.

Does that make sense? So what’s your favorite design trick toovercome overwhelm – leave a detailed comment I’m sure others would love a good tip withthis! Did you like this video? If so be sure tosubscribe to our channel! And I would be thrilled if you would sharethis video with a friend and loved ones.

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Thanks so much for watching! Till next time.