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Decorando um quarto ~ Room Decor – The Sims 2

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Hi guys, all right? I am Nat Cavalcante from the blog Nat Dream Sims And the video today is about decoration for those who already know me and and are thinking that my voice is different, it's because I am sick but, did not want to stop recording the video of this week then going with that same nasal voice.


Well, who knows me knows that I love decorating And today I will show you how to decorate a room in the sims 2.

In which is this room in case I am now.

If you are new, you need to watch this other video that I'll leave the link here to better understand the video of today well, I'll show you the video of how to decorate and at the end I make comments and give the information where you can find the objects that I used, okay? So come on! What's up guys? Like it? Well, I built a simple little room to begin decorating, but that was pretty cute, right? I worked with two wall colors, I love combining white with black.

Did you see I put a dark wood floor, but a clear floor would also fall really good and the objects used to color the room.

I like to play with color, and this color palette of Reikus 13 is simply wonderful! Well, most of the objects used in the room decoration, are from the Reikus 13 a creator I especially love! I also used things from the ohbehave blog, the sims2pallete, veranka, among others.

Well, I'll leave all the links I used in the decoration, there in the blog.

Then I'll give a youtube information box, which will contain the links of the blog So that's it folks, if you liked this video, please let me know, leave a comment here on youtube, for me to know I can record more vídeos like this, If your like this, share with friends, if you are not signed up, subscribe, so you won't miss anything that comes around because I have some news coming and is something that many people come asking me so stay close to me because you're going to like it.

And that's it, a big kiss and until next time!.