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MUSICOK, so more than 20 million students are expected to enrollat college this fall.

That's a whole lottastudying folks.

Turns out getting your kids college roomlooking great on a budget, can be almost as challenging asgetting good grades.

Truly it is.

So we're about to behomeschooled by college room designer, Stephanie McDade.


Good morning.

Thank you for having me.

I'm thrilledyou're here this morning because, you know, I've stillgot 4 years.

Samantha's starting freshman year in high school,but you know, everybody tells me it goes like (snap fingerssound).

Right? Yes.

Now I know you're a design expert.

You'realso a mom.

How hard is it Stephanie to get ready for thatfirst time when your child leaves to college? Well, it is,it is very difficult.

I have a 25 year old, a 22 year old, anda 15 year old.

And, when that first child went off to schoolit was, it was very difficult.

You know, my baby's leaving, andyou know, I had to get past myself to make sure she wasprepared.

So, once I was able to get past that, you know, westarted making lists, and getting ready, you know, likewhat do we need, what do you wanna bring? And we knew, likebackpacks and clothing, and things of that nature.

But itdidn't dawn on me about like the residence hall room.

Where isshe gonna spend most of her time? Which is important becausethat really becomes their second home, if you will.

Oh yeh.

Awayfrom home, so.


I know you've helped literallymillions of families do this, but I want you to help me now,get through this challenge, which I'm gonna be doing in 3 or4 years.

Making a room look homey for my daughter.

Andmaking her wanna come home to it, and on a budget.


Well we consider the bed, the center of the residencehall room.

It's where children are gonna eat, sleep, study,socialize.

We want it to be comfortable.

We want it to belike their home, so that they feel comfortable that they'restudying.

They're getting the good grades.

You know, andacclimating to home away from home.

OK, I've got my eye onthis one because Samantha's favorite color is blue.

This isbeautiful! Thanks, this is actually one of our brand newpatterns that we're putting out this year.

It's calledKaleidoscope.

We work with designers every year in New Yorkto come up with the latest and greatest trends.

And this wasone of the ones that they presented to us.

This comforteris super soft.

It has channel stitching which keeps everythingin place.

We have these fabulous new throws which are soft andvery popular, especially with the young ladies.

They like tocuddle up.

The bling bling is awesome.

Yes, we actually havesome new throw pillows, just to give a little personality.

Likehey, this is my thing, right? It's bright, it's happy.

Youcome to the room and look at all these accessories.

I love this.


We have some poofs for seating, if you have aguest.

You know, your girlfriends come over and hangout.

And our storage chests, which are great, because notonly do they offer storage for shoes, books, what have you.

Butit's also a tabletop.

And the rug is adorable.

Oh yeh.

Thoseare great because not all the residence halls have carpeting.

So you wanna put your feet down – you don't wanna put your feetdown on a cold floor, you want something roasty toasty to putyour toes on.

Let's talk about this one here.

This one'sactually beautiful too.

Very bright.

Again, one of our newdesigns.

And we decided to go with something a little brighterthis year, instead of a muted color.

Coral seems to be verypopular and we just love the new designs.

And again, we have somestudy pillows, which are great.

And again, another accentpillow.

We even have some wall art that you can purchase.

Aswell as shower caddies and things like that.

And somethingI love also is how easy it is to make the bed in the morning!Yes.

You don't have to hassle to much.

Like at home they tell me,we don't wanna make our bed.

Look how easy this is.


Make it and get off to study.

Well, don't think thatthey're gonna make it all the time.

Oh god.

Hopefully, I'lltell my kids to do that.

Alright, so this is kind ofcute.

Is this like a package? Yes.

This is actually one of ourvalue packs that we offer for about $200.

And it's amazing,because it's basically what you need all in one package.

Youhave a hamper, 6-piece towel set, 2 bath sheets, 2 sheetsets, comforter, mattress pad, memory foam, 2 under bedstorage, 2 pillows, a lamp, a fan, and again, it's $200 alldelivered to you at home.

You know what I notice here is youreally do make it easier.

I mean this is not easy.

Let's startwith that.

It's not easy to see your children leave.

But, youmake the process easier.

That's right.

And that's what we wannado.

We wanna make it a one-stop shop for parents so it'sconvenient.

Now we have 3 different patterns here.

Do youhave more styles? We do.

We have over 50 combinations that weoffer.

And parents and their children go on our website anddecide what they wanna do, and personalize their space.

Andagain, personalize it, make it feel homey and on a budget.


Alright, for our viewers out there who'd likemore information Stephanie, where do they go? They should goto ocm.


So maybe in a few years – oh gosh – I'll give youa call, and I'll start working with you to get something forSam.

I would love to help.

Thank you so much.

I'm dreading thatday.

Alright, and don't forget to go to our website of course,thebalancingact.


We're always on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh so difficult but it's OK, it's reality.