Home Bedroom Decor Beautiful Beachy Family Room (PART 1) | Breaking Beige | Before and After | DIY Home Decor | Mr Kate

Beautiful Beachy Family Room (PART 1) | Breaking Beige | Before and After | DIY Home Decor | Mr Kate

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in a beige beige world Mr Kate is on amission to break it alright so we are in the truck on ourway to the Scribners here we come hillary and historical house whichis very unusual here in LA I'm really excited though he's got some greatarchitecture they're really cute even coach she's a stay-at-home mom / he isalso a janitor amd a teacher while he does a lot here and meet them and thestay-at-home mom child and we moved into this house about it here and happy yougot your entertaining and we have this set and then feel like home there's noidea how their room is not really though it's very be why this is breaking bad great photo made it onto the house it'sa pretty good job holding might go to fly like football coach high teacher orcoach assistant coach huge house and they use it to host of 28 days due tothat one time this is the one area that is off-limits to the student at thetravelers can enjoy a family that we have to make it extra special to helpthe living / dining room pretty pulled together but it's lacking some style andit feels pretty clutter a lot of their country they got second hand which meansit needs through things then apparently they hate the dining room chair fabricso we have to remedy that somehow managed to make me feel more integratedand bring in some much-needed color while keeping it peaceful and peach redecorate what you're told you we've known eachother a whole life obviously have a lot of family photos around this isn't youright back and rain I am actually passed away this past year I want to keep hermemory alive see their holdings and looking mantleand want to keep you in the room because they don't have a real fireplace rightnow it's completely finished so we gotta figure out something who do it to makeit work in the overall design gotta get the TV off the wall so we canstart paying we are going to do over to the office and the beach crazy you cannot let me know what those thingsyou could write down the track leadership the top so we found thislarge she's loud on the side of the road yes we are not above a good dumpsterdive is really easy industrial steam cleaneryou can rate them by the hour local hardware store or supermarket and lovelypeople because you told the press tour which are perfect to house the spinnersand BB toilet paper and roll at the hardware paints or and is available anda ton of different colors and textures I think this light colored people to livein the back of the bookshelf with grasshopper measuring and cutting the PCside then attaching them look strong double sided carpet T project would benefit and ps3 accentwall using the paneling lines as our guide Paribas unfinished projects whichis really like the coaches scared of peace plan for multi-colored random allstripes look I get it sounds a little out there almost half time we cannotquit now go to the color strive to make sure some sort ofsomething from that world be like it like a piece of memorabilia I thinkmaybe plan he's really sure we don't want touse this would you want to Aaron time project resume I put all the pieces inthe various thicknesses and I need you to contact adhesive to attach all theslices in a random way out of this plaque piece of plywood inside themantle and this thing is going to be an awesome state in the middle there wherethis is going to take forever I was a little bit here I love it I think it's time that the US aids areclose to the beach facial features and the chair and the chair having only onetime or budget to reupholster coming up on Breaking big 3 grandma my dream.