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Hello everyone, this is Estarlina, and asyou might know this 2015 is bringing us a bunch of awesome movies, the first one The Avengers: Age of ultron”.

I’ve been waiting for this movie for twoyears now, and since I’m super super excited to watch it, I’ve decided to decorate myroom at the more pure Avengers style, so here I bring you my first Special: The Avengers Inspired DIY Room Decor.

So shall we start?The first thing we are going to do is this Do Not Pass sign,Or I’ll kick you out with my "Mijolnir", "Miolner", anyway, with my Thor’s hammer.

What you’ll need is 2 wood pieces, some spray paints, a frame, a picture of the Mjölnir, some ribbon and the letters shapes.

The first step is to paint the woods with the base colour, and then carefully, glue the letters to it.

Once they are all glued down, we are going to paint it with the silver spray.

Then, you will only have to remove the paper letters, add the extra decoration and youare done with the sign! Now it’s time to attach everything together.

With your ribbon, create a hang-loop at theupper part, measure the distances between the woods, and glue them to the ribbon.

Then you only have to add the frame with the picture.

Since I didn’t want to glue thattogether forever, I just pass the ribbon through the frame like this, cut the extra ribbonand.

boom, you’re done! The cool thing is that you can personalizeand adapt this DIY for your favourite avenger, play with the colours and be creative.

Next we’ll go with this cute Hulk inspired pillowcase For this one you’ll need some purple fabric,some green felt and a pillow.

First, you’ll have to measure the pillow.

To these measurements, we will need to add some extra fabric to create the opening whereyou’ll introduce your pillow.

Once you have the measures we are going tomark them to the fabric and cut it.

Now, once you’re done cutting, we are goingto sew along the two short edges.

To make this one I’ve used a sewing machine,but if you don’t have one or you just don’t want to sew, <–click here to see the Non-sewCapitan America pillow tutorial.

Then you’ll have to fold one end of the fabric, and over it, the other, measuringthat once it’s folded it have the length of your pillow.

And then pin the edges and sew it along the lines.

After this, turn it inside out, try that it feats the pillow, and you’re ready to addthe sign!.

First cut the shapes out of some felt, andmeasure where it has to go.

Start measuring the centre of the pillowcase, and then measure the distances between the pieces.

Once you’re happy with the location, youhave to fix that in place, with your hot glue gun, some fabric glue or a needle and somethread.

(and since it seems I’ve not pinched myself enough today, I decided to go with the hand sewing ¬¬).

And yeeey you’re done! You only have toput it into your pillow and enjoy your new fluffy smash-lover Hulk pillowcase.

Now it’s the time for the Teseract Lamp! I’ve wanted to do this for a long, longtime, so I’m really happy to finally have it.

This is super easy, you will only need a cubic pot.

if you like me could not find a perfectcube, don’t worry, any squared shaped pot will do.

Then you’ll also need some Blue spray paint, some white Pinocchio paperand some battery led lights! What we are going to do first is to protectthe outside with a plastic bag and then in a well ventilated area we are going to paint the entire cube.

It’s not meant to be a perfect, even coat, try to make some water effects.

And then let it dry until it stops being stinky.

Then what you have to do is, put the Pinocchio paper in the pot and then fill it with yourled lights.

and voila, you’re ready to enjoy your new Teseract night lamp!! And finally, my favourite one, my tribute to the best avenger of them all.

This super cute IRON MAN canvas!! I thought that my Ironman DIY needs to be big shiny and striking so I’ve made an Ironman Canvas with lights! You will need a canvas, someblue, gold and reddish /Burdeos spray paints, a metallic gold/silver pen and the shape you want to create.

I’ve pick this shape of the arc reactor because for me it’s themost representative one but you can choose the one you like the most.

First, we are going to measure the centreof the canvas and put the pieces of the shape on it.

Once you’re happy with the position,we are going to glue it in place, and if you want, with some tape you can create extra decorations.

Then you just have to paint the canvas with the red spray.

If you are a boy you can try to do this with a black background, that would look awesome too! Once the canvas is dry, you’ll can peelthe paper off, and paint the interior of the shapes with some blue paint.

And once you have painted the centre part,we are going to outline it with metallic pens.

If you have any extra decoration, you canpaint it with some spray paint too or with your acrylic paints.

Once you are done with the painting part, we are going to start with the lights.

First we are going to tape the battery box to the canvas and then mark where you want your lights to be.

I have these 20 led lights, so I’ll put 2 in every piece and the remaining 6 on the centre.

To fix them use some adhesive tape, and you are doneee!!.

You have now this 5 awesome unique DIY Avengers decorations! You can also complete the decorationwith some pictures or quotes that you love from the movie.

So yeah, we are done, I hope you have enjoyed these DIYs! Give it a thumbs up if you love the Avengers, and leave me in the comments below who is your favourite Avenger, and why! Oh oh, by the way, since I know many of you out there love the avengers, I’ll be givingaway some of this DIY and some others that I’ve made! So if you want to get one ofthis, check the description box below! And well Thanks you for watching and I hopeto see you on my next video, Have fun people, bayyyyyyyyy :D.