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Your decoration: underline;”>bedroom.

Choose your focal point.

For most people,this will be the bed.

However, if your room has a fireplace, this can become the focalpoint of the room.

Whatever you choose, it will be the focus of the rest of the design.

Make a list of how you will use the decoration: underline;”>bedroom.

Sleeping is one obvious activity, but many people spend more time in their bedroom thanjust at bedtime.

Will you watch television or read in your bedroom? Will you get dressedand put on makeup or fix your hair in this room? These things will tell you what furnitureyou need.

Consider your sleeping style.

Do you needcomplete darkness to sleep? If you do, you will probably not want to have your bed closeto a window.

However, if you like fresh air, the bed will need to be placed near a window.

Create walking space around your furniture.

Do not have the room cluttered so that there is not ample area to walk around the roomor into other rooms.

Keep at least two feet or.

6m between the sides of the bed and thewall.

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