Home Bedroom Decor Amitha’s design & decorating ideas on how to create a beautiful bedroom design. How to mix & match!

Amitha’s design & decorating ideas on how to create a beautiful bedroom design. How to mix & match!

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Hey there, you’re watching Amitha Verma! So if you’re like me you probably love mixingand matching furniture but maybe you’re stuck on how exactly to do so.

And not only do I love mixing and matchingI also love including vintage and antique pieces alongside my new furniture.

If youwalk through my shop or my house you’ll find I mix a lot of new furniture like sofasand upholstery alongside very classic antique pieces.

So today I wanted to share a quick designtip on how to mix and match furniture and how to include antiques in one of my favoriterooms – the bedroom!! I adore mixing antiques in the bedroom becausethis room allows for a lot of casegoods or hard pieces such as nightstands, benches,dressers, armories & so on.

There are so many great spots to include painted pieces, vintageand antique pieces.

So here is my insider design secret for youon how to bring in the mixed & matched style – I love using vintage or antique commodesor chests of drawers as nightstands.

Whether painted or stained, I love using these pieceswith any style of bedroom furniture.

If I’m working with a darker stained set– my go to style are a “pair” of painted chests.

If I’m working with lighter toned furnitureor even metal tones such as iron beds, I love going for a darker finish on my pieces.

Now here’s the trick, when you look forcommodes you will rarely find a pair – that’s very unusual.

So here are my quick tips onhow-to make a “pair” 1.

Make sure what you are looking at is atleast 27-30”high 2.

Look for a similar style – they don’thave to match but look for a complimentary pair – now they’re probably not goingto be right next to each other so look out for a similar width, similar height & similarcarvings 3.

If they are both around the same height& same style it will look like a pair 4.

You can refinish them to even have a similarcolor Whenever I work on a bedroom, I love lookingaround for two similar styles of commodes like these.

Can you see how you can stretch your designeye and enjoy the thrill of the hunt trying to make your own set? And there you go, that’s one of my groundsteps to creating a designer a bedroom projects! So what type of antiques have you includedin your bedroom? Leave a comment and let us know – we love hearing from you! Did you like this blog tip? IF so be pleasesure to subscribe to our channel.

And I would be honored if you would sharethis video with a friend.

Thanks so much for watching! Till next time,.