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84% Off Best Blackout Curtains, Window Blinds ► The Deal Guy



Blackout Blinds at Black Friday prices!Yes! Hi.

I'm the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite and I'm floor director Jeannie.

Today 84%off blackout blinds that will save you money on home energy, blackout your life.

For thoseof you wondering, we sleep during the day.

Separate beds for those of you still wondering.

I start work just after midnight and work through the night.

What about you? I startaround 3am so sleeping during the day is something I do a lot.

Nothing more important to us thanblackout blinds and before we get to this awesome deal and to the blackout blinds we'regiving away to subscribers, here's what you need to know.

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84% off and $24 todaydown from $150 – these well-rated blackout curtain deals which include two curtains thathelp with noise reduction, increase your energy savings in the winter and the summer and ofcourse, they're machine washable.

Again, $24 down from $150.

Now let's go visit my bedroom!There are no lights on in my room right now.

All we got is sunlight and from Black outblinds made out of almost the same material as the deal….

Watch how dark this room gets.

Pitch black awesomeness for sleeping during the day if your nocturnal like I am.

So thereyou have it.

The deal located right under this video window again nothing I show youis a paid product.

Right and blinds did great.

We tested them at Matt's place so I promise,they're really really good.

Yeah they are.

Again, we don't care whether or not you buythem.

We just want to save you money.

We really appreciate you being here.

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And they get to see you, and they get to savemoney.


That's true! And we love you.

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