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5 Ideas for Decorating a Guest Room

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5 fun ways to set up a guest room to do doubleduty.

Opt for a daybed versus a traditional setup.

When guests come calling, it’s a comfortable spot to sleep AND sit.

When guests are gone,it stays in couch mode –an extra area to hang-out.

Flank it with free-standing towerslike this, with shelves to display your stuff, and drawers to stash guests stuff.

Don’t let extra closet space go to waste….

Turn it into a convenient workstation for you ORyour guests.

Removing the doors and hanging drapes makes for easy access, and the compactdesk is simply storage cubes with laminate panels – a super efficient use of space.

Since you stole some storage by converting the closet, get it back with a wall like this.

Trick it out with shelves and hooks and nooks and crannies to tuck stuff.

One more way toget some extra storage?….

These cute cubes.

Use them to store extra blankets or guestsupplies, they’re a simple seating solution and can configure as a coffee table too.

And that’s it! 5 fun ways to set up a guest room to do double duty.

For more information on the projects and products in this room, go Lowes.


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