Home Bedroom Decor 5 DIY Emoji Projects You NEED To Try! Room Decor, Phone Case, Keychains, Pencils – EASY DIYs

5 DIY Emoji Projects You NEED To Try! Room Decor, Phone Case, Keychains, Pencils – EASY DIYs

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hello and welcome back to my Channel today I'm going to show you how to make five DIY emoji craft projects if you like this video please click that like button leave me a comment with your favorite emoji if you're new to Kimspired DIY welcome and if you'd like to see future DIY videos please click that subscribe button for the first DIY project will be the light up emoji keychain you will need a ping-pong ball for this one I started by poking a hole in the top middle with a thumbtack then with a toothpick or a wooden skewer i made the whole a little bit bigger and then with a screwdriver i made the whole even bigger I wanted to make sure that i didn't make the hole too big as the light i'm going to be using I wanted to fit snug into the hole for the light i'm going to use one of these mini LED party lights i will leave a link down below where you can find these place the light into the ping-pong ball and make sure that fits pretty tight this will keep the light in place and will allow the light to twist on and off remove the light and paint the ball with acrylic paint or spray paint once the paint on the ping-pong ball had dried then with some Sharpie markers i just drew on a face i'm going to use a keychain and a jump ring with my light use the jump ring to connect the keychain to the light place the light into the ping-pong ball and twist on and off to get the emoji to light up if the light isn't snug you can always use some hot glue to hold it in place and that is how you make the light-up emoji keychain the next DIYwill be emoji bags that you can use as room decor or give as a gift for this one you will need a piece of yellow paper begin by folding one side to the middle then the other side do the same thing but overlap it just a little glue the two pieces together you can use hot glue Elmer's glue or even a glue stick fold one of the open sides up about two inches and bring the sides to the center fold the bottom up so it overlaps the middle point and then do the same thing with the top and then glue those pieces together fold each of the sides about 1inch now it's time to make the emoji face to make sure that the markers didn't bleed through to the other side i'm going to use a piece of cardboard and place that into the middle of the bag I printed out an emoji face online i traced it onto the bag and then I colored it in open the bag up fold on the creases to form it into a bag and there is the heart I emoji gift bag now if you want to make this as room decor follow the same steps as before to make the bag but what you want to do is fold down the top part and cut off the top portion I added some sand and placed my pens and pencils in there for super cute room decor and if you want to give it as a gift bag add some tissue paper and your gift the next DIY will be an emoji pen or pencil for this one you will also need a ping-pong ball and you will want to follow the same procedures as before with poking the thumbtack the wooden skewer and the screwdriver to make a hole after the whole was created I just spray painted my ball yellow the next step was to draw on an emoji face now it's time to add the emoji ping-pong ball to either a pencil or a pen I'm going to add mine to one of these miniature pencils place some hot glue on the top of the pen or pencil and glue that to the ping-pong ball and that is how you make a super easy emoji pen or pencil to make the phone case you will need some buttons you can find these at a fabric store or also at Walmart i went online printed out some emojis and cut them out so they will fit into the center of the buttons with some Elmer's glue i glue each of the emoji faces into the center of the buttons to protect the paper emojis and give them some dimension i'm going to use some Mod Podge dimensional magic apply the dimensional magic to the center and let it flow to the sides use a toothpick to pop any air bubbles and also to carefully spread out the dimensional magic if needed I let those dry for 24 hours and here they are after they were dry i placed a clear phone case over my phone you can use any color that you would like and then what I did was they arrange the emojis on there and then with some hot glue i glued those down and that is how you make it super easy emoji phone case for the last DIY i will show you how to make emoji highlighters i'm going to use some of these plastic christmas ball ornaments remove the top part of the ornament and then with some yellow acrylic paint or spray paint paint the ornament I used acrylic paint and I swirled it around inside if you use this procedure allow about 48 hours for it to dry i'm going to use a yellow sharpie highlighter using an xacto knife i carefully cut off the top of the highlighter making sure not to cut through to the marker part remove the white part on the bottom place the top part of the highlighter into the bottom put that into the ornament and mark off the part that is hanging over the top measure the marking that was made then take that measurement mark off on the bottom and cut off the excess hot glue along the top to hold the highlighter into the ornament place the cap back on it to prevent it from drying out to make the face on this one I printed out an emoji image i traced around it with a pencil I then place that onto the ornament rubbed the back of the emoji with a pencil to transfer the image onto the ornament next with Sharpie markers i just colored in the image that was transferred on and that is how you make an emoji highlighter i hope you guys enjoyed all of these emoji craft projects i would love it if you gave this video a thumbs up leave me a comment let me know which is your favorite emoji until next time I hope you guys all have an amazing day.