Home Bedroom Decor 3 DIY Room Decor Ideas (Easy Wall Art)

3 DIY Room Decor Ideas (Easy Wall Art)

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hey guys! Welcome back to my channel.

TodayI've got three easy wall art diys that I want to share with you.

Let's get started! Firstwe're going make the newspaper 3D hearts.

Grab a newspaper and a piece of paper thatwill fit in the frame.

Or you can cut it to fit.

Keep the size in mind.

Fold several pagesof your newspaper in half and grab a pen or pencil.

Draw half a heart right on the fold.

Then cut it using scissors.

You should have a bunch of paper hearts now.

Organize thehearts into rows on the paper.

Try to keep them focused on the centre.

Grab any gluethat you have.

We're going to put the glue on the fold.

Just on the fold of the heartand place it onto the paper.

It should stick out since the glue isn't on the entire heart.

When you're putting it into your frame don't put the glass piece in front or it'll justlay flat.

Voila! And that's it.

Next we're going to make the holographic triangle.

Drawa triangle or a hexagon or octagon.

Whatever floats your boat.

And I recommend using aruler for this part.

Again keep in mind the picture frame size and centre according tothat.

I got this holographic tape at the dollar store.

But you can use any washi tape youcan find.

Now place the tape on to the paper and use your lines as a guide.

The trickypart is getting it straight so take your time.

This is super easy and the results are rad.

Next we're going to be making the glittery font art.

Print out a phrase or word of yourchoice in a font you like.

Using regular elmers glue, only cover the word with glue so youmay want to use a paint brush.

Now take your glitter and dump it on and shake it off.

Onceit dries, pop it into a frame.

And you have a beautiful, inspiring word of art.

Whichrequired very little effort.

Just like all the wall art we did today.

If you guys areinterested in more cheap and easy home decor.

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Byefor now!.