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25 DIY Christmas Decorations! Winter Room Decor Projects

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So right now, I'm actuallyfilming in my living area.

And I swear this actuallylooks like a green screen but it's not.

Like, doesn't this looklike a green screen? Like, I don't know, I do notknow how to green screen.

Alright, so today's videois another Christmas video hence the scarf.

But yeah, I started this 25 DIY series about four months ago.

I've created a ton of videos, but essentially the conceptis to share with you guys DIYs on a certain topic.

I have all the links down below.

I give all the different bloggers credit.

So right when you guys finda DIY that you wanna make, you just go to the description box, click it and make it.

So the purpose of these videos is to just share with you guys like 25 of the best DIYs.

Instead of having to spendhours and hours looking.

I'm just giving you guysa lot of different options so you don't have to search yourself.

And I always put it a tonof effort to find stuff, that you guys haven't seen before.

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Alright, so give this video a thumbs up if you have a thumb,and let's get into it.

Paint ship advent calendar.

I love paint chip DIYsbecause paint chips are free.

Just walk into your home depot, walk into your Walmart and snag.

Times 50, 'cause like, get 50 of them.

So with this DIY, every single time you pullout a tree paint chip, it has an activity to do in relation to winter slash Christmas.

So this can be a really fun DIYyou can do with your family.

And you can make it random, you don't have to number it one to 25.

Felt advent calendar.

I do not know why I put twoadvent calendars back to back but c'est la vie.

So this advent calendar is using felt.

So you just kinda likedraw a really cute tree on a piece of paper.

And then your felt comes in where you just do the different ornaments.

So you can do like a star,a tree on a tree, meta.

Christmas TV tray.

TV trays really make methink about my childhood.

I watched a lot of TV, I ate on a lot of trays.

Oh holy night Christmas star.

This DIY is super super cute.

You can make it, you could putit on your shelf, you know.

Put it on your coffee table.

And also I feel like starsaren't exclusively for Christmas so if you wanted to putanother saying on it, then you can make it a decoritem for the whole entire year.

Holiday mantle decorating.

Okay, DIY is so so cool.

Totally into the deer head, and as I'm explaining that, I feel like it's a little bit morbid.

But at least this one isn'tan actual deer, you know.

It's a blue deer.

And from my knowledge, thosedo not exist in real life unfortunately.

Winter fridge magnets.

Magnets are a decor item that I feel like are kind of an extra thing that maybe you wouldn't normally think about.

But if you have Christmasmagnets on your fridge, it will definitely justadd an extra element of the holiday season and it will just get you into that mood.

Felt and buttons Christmas tree.

This DIY is so freaking cool.

So what they're doingis they're just cutting little pieces of felt and then they're stacking it, make a tree.

And I don't know I just thinkthat this looks so cool, I just scratched my nose.

And it's still itchy, go away.

Also, this website is not in English, and I've had a fewpeople commenting saying, "The website that Iclicked is not in English.

" If you guys use Google Chrome, right at the top, it willjust pop and it will be like, "Do you want to translate this?" Advent calendar wreath.

So this DIY is pairing awreath with an advent calendar, which are two very popularDIYs of the season.

Which I think is pretty cool.

And if you guys havewatched my other 25 DIY holiday decor videos, I willhave those linked down below.

You guys would have seen a ton of wreaths.

So this is just another idea.

Jelly Christmas items.

I feel like that's such aweird sentence slash thing.

These are DIY Christmas jelly items.

So you can make this DIY andyou apply the exact same method and make stuff that isn'tfor Christmas as well.

Giant Christmas wreaths for photo booths.

If you guys are hosting aholiday party this year, props to you, 'causethat's too much planning.

But this will be a really fun DIY to make because a bunch of youguys can just take pictures with this giant wreath.

This is also a really fun prop to make if you're gonna be takingpictures with a loved one, a lover, or friends.

Or you could also just makethis and put it on your wall.

Twinkling stick snow flakes.

These snowflakes are super super cute.

They will give off a really cute glow and it will get you into the spirit.

This DIY is also gonna be really cute when you guys actuallyturn the lights off.

I mean don't get me wrong, it will be cute to have alittle glow in the wall.

But when you turn the lights off, it's just gonna be like pew snow flakes.

Cue tip snow flakes.

The cheapest DIY on this list.

Seriously you guys, allyou need is cue tips, some hot glue, a brain.

That's all you need.

LED deer head.

This DIY is absolutely beautiful, it is so, so pretty.

And the great thing isthat after you make this, you can actually use it all year round.

Even though fall hastechnically already passed, this is definitely a fall DIY as well.

Jar lid reindeer ornament.

If you guys are like me, you probably use a lot of jars and maybe you throw out the jar.

But you guys can repurpose the lids and make 'em into reindeer ornaments.

This is also a great craft to do with kids I feel like kids will really enjoy this.

But just help them out whenthey're using that hot glue.

Whimsical table top Christmas trees.

I freaking love this DIY because these look likethey can just be plopped into a Dr.

Seuss movie.

I just love the whole aesthetic of the Grinch stole Christmas, and I absolutely love the wholewhimsicalness of Dr.


So when I saw these, I kinda freaked out.

It looks like they're alittle bit complicated, but honestly, I thinkthat it is so worth it.

This is definitely my favorite DIY.

Acorn ornaments.

These ornaments are freaking adorable.

I absolutely love theblack and gold together.

And these are actuallypretty easy to make.

You literally use thumb tacks.

So go to your local office shop and get some gold thumb tacks.

And you could also get some silver ones, and then make a bunch of these acorns.

'cause they're super cute.

3D snowflakes.

So this DIY is takingthose paper snowflakes to the next level you guys,we're making these 3D.

Scratch the 2D.

I'm sure this DIY wouldbe a lot of fun to make and you can do a bunchof different designs because every singlesnowflake is different.

Scented bees wax ornaments.

So this DIY is super, super cool.

And it can also be made as a gift as well.

So these ornaments are scented, and I'm trying to think aboutwhat bees wax smells like and I'm not 100% sureif it smells like honey or if it just smells like wax.

But nonetheless, theseare super, super cool.

And if you are someonewho has some bees wax, why not try this out.

Origami Christmas trees.

So if you are on a budget this year, this would be a great DIY to make especially if you live in a dorm.

Or if you just want anextra Christmas tree.

Because Christmas treescan be so expensive.

It's just so crazy becausewhen you go to the store, all the Christmas stuffis like, not cheap.

But on December 26, erthing be a penny.

Mini pine cone trees.

So this is actually anothertree idea that you could make if you are on a tight budget.

And you can make a bunch oflittle mini pine cone trees then you could just kindalike put it on your mantle, on your desk, I think thatit would be really cute.

Ho ho Christmas letters.

So this is a super coolDIY that you can make but if you want a DIY that's gonna last the whole entire lifetime, the whole entire year, you can just do different letters.

You could even do your name.

Hand painted chalkboard ornament.

Super cool DIY and I think that this isalso a great gift idea.

'cause you can actually writethe person's name on it.

You could also make theseornaments to use as gift labels for your gifts this holiday season.

Holiday photo backdrop.

So this is super, super cool.

But essentially what they're doing is just doodling on some paper, putting it on the wall andthen taking some pictures.

So this is great actually ifyou're really into Instagram and you have a white theme, and you wanna take a bunch of pictures with like a Christmas background.

Or it's also a great idea to make if you just wanna take somepictures with your friends or some selfies.

Holiday wallpaper.

So this is actually adecor item for your phone or your computer.

But honestly, those are kind of like decor because if you have oneof those really big iMacs and you have a Christmas wallpaper, that's big and it will getyou into the Christmas spirit.

And also if you use thisbackground for your phone, every single time youtext, it's the same deal.

Please let me know inthe comments down below which DIY was your favorite.

Also I'm gonna have allmy other 25 DIY videos linked down below, sodefinitely check them out if you haven't already.

Also, also, just as a reminder, today's emoji is a fries emoji, which means if you go commentthat on my Instagram pic, I will spam your photos.

If you wanna see some more DIY videos, they'll be linked on the screen, and you guys can do check them out, get some more ideas.

And yeah you guys, I willsee you in the next one, bye!.