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25 DIY Christmas Decorations! DIY Room Decor Ideas & Projects!

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– Hello everyone.

Welcomeback to my channel and welcome to the gloves.

You know, I'm trying to be creative with how I can makemyself look Christmas-y and I'm like dollar store mittens.

I just took off my acrylics last night and my nails look brittle and ugly.

So on my channel, we like to play this fun game where I try to guess your name.

Here are the list of names that I haveguessed in previous videos.

Alright, let's get into today's names.

Joy, Madeline, Jennifer,Anita, Salome, Sophie, Lupita, Abby, Kayley and Jack.

So let me know in the comments down below if I just guessed your name.

Actually I get all my names from my videos so if you guys want to be featured in the next one, leave a comment down below.

Lots of those people have been commenting a lot and I definitely have noticed.

So for today's video,we're going to be doing another 25 DIY video and the topic is DIY holiday decorations.

If you guys are new to my channel, I started this 25 DIYseries four months ago and what it is is I share with you guys 25 DIYs on a certain topicand then I have them all linked down below.

So right when you guys find a DIY you want tomake, you can just go to the description box and click it.

I give full credit to everyonewho has made these DIYs and these videos are to helpyou guys try to find DIYs that you want to make this holiday season.

As supposed to just spending hours online trying to find what you want to make.

And I always put a ton ofeffort into finding DIYs that you guys haven't seen before, because I definitelydon't want to include DIYs that are just kinda everywhere online.

So before we get into today's video, today's emoji is the Christmas tree emoji.

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Also, in case if you guys are new, I've created a ton of 25DIY Christmas projects videos, so I will havethem all linked down below.

But if you guys want somemore Christmas ideas, you can binge watch those after.

Alright, so give this video a thumbs up if you have a thumb and let's get into it.

Oh, I found a hair.

Likeactually bye-bye though, don't come back.

(Festive music) Felt penguin ornaments.

This ornament is so, so frickin' cute.

I feel like penguins are a very cute animal for the holiday season.

And making some DIYornaments is a great way to decorate your place.

If your tree isn't up yet, you can just hang these onthe wall or you could even give it as a gift to a friend.

(Festive music) Paper tree advent calendar.

So this advent calendar looks so cool and onthis DIY, what they did is just filled all theselittle paper, goblet things with chocolate.

So you can make this for yourself or a family member and then every singleday, put like a little mini chocolate bar.

You could use up your extra candy from Halloween, which by the way, I don't even know if it's possible to have anyHalloween candy leftover.

I know when your girlwent trick-or-treating, that stuff was gone ASAP.

(Festive music) Christmas marquee sign.

This sign is absolutely beautiful,I love the baby blue.

Kinda reminds me of myshirt, which by the way, my shirt says "love" onit, but I got this from Forever 21 a really, really long time ago.

Like probably a good four years.

But anyways, marquee signs just kinda add an extra glow to your roomand this one is really cute.

(Festive music) Wooden star decoration.

So if you have extra planks of woodlying around your house, you know maybe you live in a forest, maybe the sun is really bright right now.

This could be a great DIYto utilize those items.

And also if you do nothave wood planks at home, you can just get them from a craft store.

(Festive music) Modern wooden advent calendar.

This advent calendar is probably one of my favorites; I think it's so cute.

I think it's very non-traditional.

So what they're doing here is just inserting a little like plushy thing and putting it on theshelf and they have one for every single day of December, or I guess up until the 25th.

(Festive music) Faux-birch ornament.

Here is another ornament DIY, and thereare a few more to come.

Because I got some greenery going on, I could see how this mightget lost on your tree.

Also, it would be super, super cool to DIY every single ornamenton your tree this year.

(Festive music) Ombre ornaments.

Ombre became popular, I wanna say maybe likethree or four years ago.

Honestly, maybe even longer.

As I've been researchingfor these different DIY videos, I actuallyhaven't seen very much ombre lately.

Maybepeople are ombre-d out.

Also, shout-out to you guys if you used to watch me when I actually had ombre hair so I just kinda had the brown hair and then it was lighter at the end and then after that, I actually ended up dying the ends blue.

Different day, different Savannah.

(Festive music) Craft stick adventcalendar.

So for this DIY, on the other side of the craft stick, when you flip it around,it's an activity to do.

So for every single day,they have like these really cute different winter activities like build a snowman, go watchlights, watch The Elf Movie.

Very cute.

(Festive music) Photo booth ornament.

So for this DIY, what they did is they just cut out some photo booth pictures ofthem and their friend and then they put it inthis kinda clear bulb and then they added confetti to it which I think is like, so pretty.

And I think it's extrapretty when you do like a black and white photo because then the confetti can stand out.

(Festive music) Faux-wood burnedornaments.

So for this DIY, they have these littlecircular wooden things and then they're just using a Sharpie and drawing different designs.

And in certain light,it actually looks like these were wood burned.

As in, I don't really know.

I guess maybe like carved or etched a certain way.

I don't know what I'm saying.

But anyways, this is a really cute DIY.

It's super customizable,you could even write your name on it.

You cando whatever you want.

(Festive music) Christmas village wreath.

So this wreath is super, super cool.

They actually have these little mini houses throughout the wreath, which I think is somethingdifferent and fun.

So what you could do is goto your local dollar store and buy all these littlemini things; you do not have to spend a lot of money on this.

And then you can just add it to a wreath.

And you could even buyan already made wreath and just hot glue a few things.

(Festive music) Floral Christmas tree.

I have never seen a tree like this beforeand I'm very surprised because it's very, very beautiful.

So if you guys are interestedin doing something different with your tree this year, definitely check this DIY out.

(Festive music) Gold embossed ornament.

You can do whatever color you want for this, whateverdesign you want for this; super customizable.

(Festive music) Christmas stocking.

Sothis is a tutorial on how to make your own Christmas stocking, which sounds kinda hardbut a little bit of fun.

Growing up, I actuallyhad a mass of stocking and it was always a headache for my mom, my aunt, my sister to fill.

But show out to thembecause they always did it.

Even though they just stuffed socks and apples and anythingbig to take up the space.

(Festive music) Snowmen Christmas ornament.

So you're just gonna pick up a regular ornament, I think that plain onewould look really good.

And then they just madethese little mini snowmen to hang off the side.

So cute because the snowmen are like, falling off.

Actually, maybe thatdoesn't sound very cute.

(Festive music) Mason jar mini wreath.

This is a great way to utilize old mason jars and it's just so cute and you can make a bunch of these because they are so easy.

I don't know if you guys can see it, but I actually have a wreath right there but your girl bought itout of the dollar store 'cause she's kinda cheap.

(Festive music) Paper cone Santa craft.

These little cones are so cute and you can make this and just put it on your coffee table or some sort of end table.

And it's just a really fun craft to do with your family or friends.

(Festive music) Balloon arch Christmastree.

By far my favorite DIY on the list.

I thinkthat it is so beautiful and I think it's so coolhow the balloons are on the tree, but thenthey also kinda just like migrate to the wall.

Iwould say this is more than just a tree, it'salmost like an art piece.

So if you guys have likea big, blank white wall, I think that this will look so beautiful.

I would seriously, absolutelylove to have this tree.

(Festive music) Origami ornaments.

I'vealways found origami kind of interesting and I've been to like Book Depot and I'veseen some origami books, and it got my heart pounding.

So if you're like me,this could be a great way to start origami and everything is made out of paper, so it's cheap.

(Festive music) Clay snowman.

If you havesome extra clay lying around the house, you could definitely use it to make this DIY.

And what's great is thatI feel like regular clay is normally white, soyou don't have to dye it or anything like that.

If you don't have clay, you could also just use Play-Doh and I guess take it a part afterwards.

(Festive music) Christmas tree pine cones.

I'm very surprised that I've never seen this one before because I think that it is so cute and so simplistic.

Pinecones are definitely a very popular DIY supplyduring the holiday season because you're just very Christmas-y and there's so many differentthings you could do with them.

And depending on where you live, you might actually beable to just pick them off the ground outside.

(Festive music) Snowflake ballerinas.

These are so frickin' cute.

So for this DIY, they'rejust using paper snowflakes and they're using it asa skirt for the ballerina because I guess ballerinascan have like just very intense skirts, you know what I mean? (Festive music) Glue gun snow flakes.

Thefun thing about this DIY is every single snowflake youmake is going to be different.

Every single time youuse that hot glue gun, it's gonna go in differentdesigns.

You know, your hand's gonna move this way, it's gonna move that way.

(Festive music) Glove monsters.

Like rawr.

If you have some old gloves lying around, this could be a greatway to repurpose them.

You know, just make some monsters.

But when it's time to go to sleep, just put them on theother side of the room because you don't want nomonsters around you.

Y'know? (Festive music) Stacked pot snowman.

So on mylast 25 holiday decor video, I showed a similar DIY butit was actually a tree.

So apparently there's alot of different things you can do with stacked pots.

Let me know in the comments down below which DIY was your favorite.

If you want to see more 25 DIY videos, I will have them linked down below.

There's a ton of differentChristmas videos to watch.

And by the way, if you did not know, every single Sunday I host a giveaway, so I will have thosegiveaways linked down below in case you guys wannawin some awesome prizes.

And do not forget to commentthe Christmas tree emoji on my most recent Instagram picture.

By the way, my Instagram's at @savandstuff if you want me to spam your photos.

Alright guys, I willsee you in the next one.

Bye! (Festive music).