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15 Creative Ways to Decorate a Small Bedroom

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The video would be better than the title.

This is 15 Ways to make your bed the coziest place on earth by Rachel Sanders Girl, You can make your bed rock.


Hang string lights above your bed to add a little magic.

Hanging the lights behind a sheet.

Or thin curtain.

it helps make your room feel less like a rustic display and more like a Fairy Wonderland.

You can use normal tree lights or get these delicate ones at Urban Outfitters.


Dress your bed in a giant sweater with a cable-knit blanket.

Knit your own blanket if you're looking for a project; if not, you could buy a fancy throw or cheaper IKEA version , or order a handmade version on Etsy.

Check DIY and product link inside video description.

No affiliate link.

we are not selling you out this time.


Skip the top sheet and just put a nice washable duvet cover on your comforter.

Europeans know this, and so should you: Sleeping top-sheetless feels LUXURIOUS AS HECK.

It also means making the bed is basically zero work, and you'll never again wake up with a dumb, useless piece of fabric tangled around your legs.

Look for an easy-to-wash duvet cover made of soft, natural fiber for instance: flannel, cotton, and linen.


Throw down an extra fuzzy bedside rug to make things easier for your feet in the morning When it comes to rugs, you can never have enough.

You can get this white sheepskin and IKEA.


A plushy faux-fur throw on top of the covers.

It will add Hollywood glam to your "all day Netflix sessions".

Check out Apartment Therapy's list of throws to make your own lovely plushy.


Learn how to tuck in your covers neatly.

It seems like a small thing, but the nicer your bed looks, the happier you'll be to get into it.

Check out a quick tutorial video on folding sheets with a tidy hospital cornerunder this video.


When in doubt, add pillows.

Don't go crazy here, but at least two pillows per side is a minimum for baseline coziness.

And anything beyond that will increase your cozy factor significantly, especially if you use pillows with a bunch of different shapes and cover textures.


If you have basic sewing skills, it's easy to turn cheap bath mats or accent rugs into cuddly throw pillow covers.

Please, Just make sure they're unused rugs.


Invest in a nice bedside lamp so you never again have to get up to turn off the overhead light.

This DIY pulley lantern is super cool, but you're also definitely allowed to just buy one.


You can save money on a fancy tufted headboard by making your own.

You'll need a board, padding, fabric, buttons and full tutorial link under this video.


If you're ready to upgrade your sheets, try linen instead of cotton.

Linen is textured enough to be cozy in winter and light enough to keep you cool in summer And it's always.

Artfully, elegantly, wrinkly, so you don't have to worry about getting out every little bump when you're making the bed.

Rough Linen sells these old-fashioned unfitted linen sheets, or you can find more traditional ones at Restoration Hardware or Garnet Hill.

They're not cheap, but these get even better and softer over time, so they'll probably earn out over the years.

Interested to get some? browse description area.


DIY a cozy canopy by hanging fabric from the ceiling.

Option 1: Buy wooden dowels for just a few cents at a craft store and attach them to the ceilings with hooks or thumbtacks.

And , Option 2: Rig up two short curtain rods on either side of the bed.


Add a foam or feather pillow-top pad to your mattress to make it softer You can get foam pads at IKEA or toppers filled with down at other homestore.


If your bed is in a nook or very small room, you can turn it into a ship-shape hideaway with some curtains.

Adding a wall mirror and light will keep it extra cozy and make sure it's not too dark.

Get more info on this cool small-space DIY at Apartmenttherapy.

And 15.

When all else fails: Find someone furry to share your bed with.

Cats are basically just everlasting hot water bottle other furry pet will do fine.

Whatever you have in your mind.

Hamster for instance.

That's it for now.

if you think these ideas are cheap, upgrade it with your comment, share, or like.

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