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🌙 Decora tu cuarto🌙 | DIY Tapiz teñido ❤ | Sofía Morel 😊 // Room decor ❤ DIY Tie Dye Tapestry ❤

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Hello everyone! Its Sofía Morel Welcome to my channel.

Today i'm gonna teach you how to do this.


I have it hanging on they wall.

as if it were the headboard of my bed.

And it actually looks really cool.

And then I added tulle to it.

and it looks very good.

It makes your room cooler (happier), you can choose the colours as you like.

It's very personal.

And the best thing is that you did it yourself.

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with my cat, my dog and all the zoo.

Let's start with the video! What you're gonna need: You'll need: White frabric.

As big as you want.

And remember it has to be 100% cotton.

String, Aniline; the colours of your choice.

This is an example of how i bought them.

Water, A NEEDLELESS syringe, of course.

And glass containers.

a lot.

The fist thing you have to do is.

pinch the center of the fabric.

and start twisting it.

Just like this.

I know this step may be a little.

boring to watch, but i didn't want to crop it because there might be someone who wants to see exactly how i did it.

So if you don't have time, go to this minute: This step will be finished.

Once the fabric looks like a rose, it's time to put the string.

so it stays like that till you're done, and you can reach the spiral effect.

Now it's time to prepare the aniline.

Wait until the water is boiling.

Once it is, put the same amount.

in each container.

I wrote drown the colours, crop them, and glued them to the containers.

So there was no confusion what color was which.

When I finished, I put it on aluminum foil So if leaked, it didn't make a mess.

I let it dry for one day but.

I think that one night is enough.

The next day, I cropped the strings, and washed it until.

the water was clear.

This is it guys! Hope you liked it.

Remember that if you recreate it, you can send me a pic of it with the hashtag #sofimeloensenio (Sofi taught me) Hope you liked it! Subscribe! And comment! Comment whatever it comes to your mind.

Comment what you have under.

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All right, now I have to pick up everything.