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미니어쳐 침실, 커튼 만들기 Miniature * Bedroom, Curtain -달려라치킨 [ENG SUB]


Hello everyone it's Dalchi Today, we are going to make the background of the bed from last time Well.

The background of a bed would be.

The room right? The bed's owner isn't made so it isn't a finished work but.

I'm going to show you how to make the room There's one floor, two walls, and I used Formax which is easy to cut with a box cutter Since there's going to be a window on the wall, I used a thinner pieceAnd a thick piece for the floor This wall here matches the floor size And this wall I cut a little bigger, because.

The wall is about 0.

2 cm thick The walls are going to go together like this, so I cut it bigger as much as the thickness For the windows I simply made knife marks so it wont openAnd cut out the glass part So there's only the shape of a window I used fabric stickers for the wallpaper It feels good because it's cloth, and it's like a sticker so it's very convenient I cut them out into appropriate sizes and glued them on With the exception of 0.

2cm to put the walls together I cut out the fabric stickers for the windows, but you need to be really careful to cut it out neatly This isn't normal paper, but it is paper that has been embossing processed to look bumpy I cut this out as well and glued it to the bottom Gluing two types doesn't make the walls look dull as just one.

And that joint that you see there.

I'm going to cut out linoleum sheets and glue them there Not too thick.

About 0.

6,037cm? The size can be different depending on the size fo the house이 사이즈는 집 크기에 따라 더 굵어지거나 얇아질거에요 Like, if the house is big, thicker and vice versa So, look at the general size of the houseThen choose the size Now let's make the floor I also used linoleum stickers for the floorThis is similar to the ones used to make the bed But only different in colorIt looks high-end because the grains look so real To give it a feeling of thicknessWe are going to glue it to reddish brown paper and then cut it Make it in exact squaresAnd cut them in a line parallel to the grains After that, look at the floor sizesAnd cut them into appropriate sizes All you have to do is not cut them small.

Small pieces makes it hard to glue on later Cutting them in exact same sizes makes it more easier and prettier when made! Mark the place where the bed is going to goAnd I didn't make the floor for that part Because it's not going to show anyways There's space to figure out where to glue it because we're using wood glueBut let's try to glue it precisely It's still pretty if you glue it on with really, really, real~~~ly small spaces in between them If you glue them all on like this.

You get a floor like this!4300:03:52,940 –> 00:03:56,560There are spaces in between because the sizes weren't all the same.

But Well, I'd like to think that it's not visible from a distance.

Hahaha Then, we put together the walls and floors I used masking tape so they could stick better together Also the bed~I put something heavy on top so it wont be lifted Let's make a curtain while the glue is hardening I used cloth and cut two appropriate sizes in accordance to the window The strings on the edges untangle easily, so we'll use a small amount of wood glue and fold them together It's better to use only a small amount of wood glue here You could get wood glue on your hands, so it's good to have wet wipes prepared to wash your hands After it's all been glued, I made creases in the curtains Made another the same way After that, I used a thin flexible steel wire to make the pin that connects the curtain track to the curtain I used a plastic stick for the tracks I didn't have anything to use for the tracks so I thought of using a straw.

And I found this in the corner of my house.

Using a crafting pin to put in the wires Becareful of your hands when your punching in the holes okay? Now, we're going to make the rings to hang the track I used these beads and normal sized steel wires First, figured out where I was going to glue it to After I glued it on, I waited until it was perfectly hardened, and then connected it to the track Both ends looked really messy, so I thought of filling it in with clay~But I glued laces to it Then, I tied the curtains This is the end of the video, but the house isn't finished yet.

I'll show you the rest in time Then, see you in the next video!.