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△ DIY Polaroid Pictures for 10c! (DIY DUPES #2) Tumblr Inspired Room Decor

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(music) Hi guys! So today I have a video showing you how to make your own polaroid photos These are really easy to make, they're really cheap- they worked out to about 10c each for me compared to $2.

00 each for a real Polaroid photo And my favourite part is that you can take photos from wherever- it doesn't matter how old they are- and turn them into a Polaroid! Wheras with an actual Polaroid, you have one chance to take a photo and then its gone.

So this is really exciting- its the second episode in my DIY Dupes series! (which is very exciting) So you can see the last one that I made by clicking here.

or the link in the description.

So yeah, lets get into the video! So the first thing you need to do is gather the pictures that you want to turn into polaroids.

(I got mine from my instagram) Once you have saved as many as you want, you can go onto picmonkey.

Com to edit them.

So make sure it is cropped to a perfect square.

Then if you want you can add a filter.

I decided to add a black and white filter to all of mine so they would kinda match when laid out next to each other.

Then go into the 'Frames' section and add the polaroid frame.

I decided to remove the filter they put with it, and rotate it back to 0 degrees.

And thats it! Just save them all into a folder.

I'll run through it one more time really quickly 1: Make sure its a perfect square, 2: Then add the filter (if you want to) 3: Add the polaroid frame remove the filter it came with, and bring it back to 0 degrees.

So just repeat that process with all of your photos.

Next I just got them printed at Big W It took about 15 minutes to get them printed and they cost me 10c each.

I just needed to trim the bottom and tops, and then they were done! (music) Thanks for watching guys! If you have any suggestions make sure to comment them down below, and I'll add them to the list of DIY projects I have coming up! As always, if you want more videos like this, give this video a thumbs up to let me know.

And make sure to follow my social media- if you want to! Its linked down below.

Thats about it! See you next time guys, bye! (music).